Why work standing up?

Researchers are telling us that a sedentary lifestyle, including sitting for long periods of time is killing us. They have even called sitting the new smoking. Numerous studies indicate that heart disease, diabetes, and obesity rates are doubled or even tripled for individuals who spend a significant amount of time sitting down and even regular moderate to vigorous exercise does not counteract the damage.

If you work behind a computer all day what should you do?

By standing instead of sitting you can burn an extra 60 calories an hour, improve your HDL (good cholesterol) levels and lower your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. You should take a break from sitting every 20 minutes. Lipase is an enzyme that promotes the processing of fats and cholesterol; it moves fat into muscle tissue where it is burned for energy instead of being stored in other tissues as body fat. After about 20 minutes of sitting down lipase circulation practically shuts off. Just by standing you can naturally activate lipase and promote fat burning.



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